Dynamiclear Advantage Original Bottle

How it Works:

Dynamiclear is the ultimate way to get rid of herpes and cold sore outbreaks fast. It takes 30 seconds to apply a single application and then you're done.

Top Benefits:

 Get Faster Relief in Less Effort
 Attack & Destroy the Local Virus on Application
 Watch Your Symptoms Disappear Faster than Ever
 All Natural, Non-toxic Ingredients

    Apply a Single Application of Dynamiclear to:

     Resolve Redness, Pain & Blisters Fast
     Rapidly Accelerate Healing & Recovery
     Remove Symptoms Quicker


      1 x .84 fl. Oz Pump Action Bottle


      Contains 60 to 100 applications which can last the average customer years of use.

      Whether you have one tiny cut or several clusters of blisters, with the Original Bottle you have the freedom to use as little or as much gel for each application as you want to.

      Always be prepared. Rest easy knowing that you have plenty of Dynamiclear gel to resolve any outbreak, now or in the future.

      Shelf Life

      Expiry date valid for 3 years from the date of manufacture. Store in room temperature, away from sunlight.

      Ingredients Listing

      Dynamiclear contains no alcohol or parabens and is not tested on animals.  

      Hypericum perforatum
      Calendula officinalis
      Cupric sulfate pentahydrate
      Vegetable derived glycerol
      Aloe vera barbadensis
      Naturally sourced vitamin E
      Purified water

      Dynamiclear is manufactured in a TGA / FDA compliant laboratory with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification. All ingredients are high quality pharmaceutical grade.

      Apply Dynamiclear

      Please read the full instruction leaflet supplied with the product before use.

      1. Wait until there is a visible sign of the virus (such as redness, a blister or sore) and make one thorough application to the affected area. Hold the q-tip on the wound for up to 30 seconds. Do not repeat the application on the same spot.

      2. Allow the area to heal and take care not to scratch, bump or saturate the area - especially during the first 72 hours after the application.

      What To Expect

       Stinging or tingling is a positive sign and indicates that the application is working and that the Dynamiclear is making contact with the virus (you will feel nothing at all when applying Dynamiclear to healthy skin).

       The area will typically begin to dry out, shrink in size and crust or close over within 72 hours of applying Dynamiclear. The skin will then follow it's natural healing cycle and return to normal health.

      Safety Advice

      Dynamiclear should not be used on the eyes or inside of the mouth. Do not repeat the application. Apply once per outbreak to each site of infection.

      Fast & Private Shipping

      Local US Transit Times:

      • USPS Priority Mail 2-day = 2 - 5 working days
      • USPS Priority Mail Express = 1 to 3 working days (overnight to many locations)
      • Royal Mail & Worldwide Shipping also available

      Allow 1 working day for dispatch

      • Orders are dispatched the same day or next working day
      • USA and Canadian orders are sent from Olean, New York
      • UK and Europe orders are sent from Northern Ireland
      • Transit times are a guide only and cannot be guaranteed (sorry)

      100% Confidential Service

      • All orders are sent in a plainly labeled confidential parcel
      • Items are referred to as personal care items for discretion
      • The words 'Dynamiclear' or 'Herpes' are not mentioned
      • Credit card billing is also discrete and appears as 'Global Herbal Supplies'

      If you have a special concern please contact us so we can assist you.


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