2 Year Money Back Guarantee

Dynamiclear 2 Year Money Back Guarantee

All of the products in our store are supported through clinical research, as well as by hundreds of thousands of happy customers who have been using our products since our online store first opened in 1997. 

In all this time we have had less than 5% returns (and many of these were due to customers not actually having herpes).

Dynamiclear's Promise to You

Easy and Simple Returns, No Matter What.

We want you to be completely happy with our products and services, so if for any reason you would like to return an item that you have purchased from Dynamiclear you have an extended period of 2 years to do so.

Refunds exclude shipping costs and apply to the product price paid.

Our Commitment to the Safe and Timely Arrival of All Orders

We are committed to making sure that every order reaches its destination safely and on time. Dynamiclear products are sent out promptly from our New York warehouse the same day or the next working day after payment is approved.

Want to Make a Return Right Now?

No problem, just contact us so we can help make your refund quick and easy.

If you experience any problem whatsoever with your delivery, or any of our products, please contact our support team for friendly assistance.

Mailing Address

New York

Dynamiclear Inc.
2251 Constitution Ave
Olean, NY, 14760

Northern Ireland

Unit 25, Kilwee Business Park
Upper Dunmurry Lane
Dunmurry, BT17 0HD

Buy Dynamiclear Now

I know that Dynamiclear has the potential to help you and am here to guarantee your satisfaction as our customer

"I have seen firsthand the wonderful benefits that our range of products can provide and as a result I stand behind our products 100%. 

We don’t get many refunds, but if you are one of the unlucky ones who needs one just let our friendly support team know and we will be happy to refund your money."
CEO of Dynamiclear

*We are unable to refund shipping costs as they go directly to getting the parcel to you, except of course in cases where we have made a delivery error.